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To create awareness and promote Social advocacy for the society to have easy access to basic education, health and human rights at gross root level to active involvement of community, to achieve sustainable development. To enable and assist the disadvantaged marginalized, under privileged and neglected population to achieve their development goals and rights in the society.


Uplifting of poor people: life style through social development. A prosperous ,peaceful, and just society where women and men could live with dignity, peace and harmony making the best use of their God gifted skills


To develop progressive community through awareness rising which utilize the resources equal for uplifting of poor community, in friendly environment and can participate at decision-making level.


Organizational strategy will be furnished in the light of community meetings, their findings and an out comes. Technical staff of the origination will also help out to convert the needs into project [proposal and executive body will the responsible to implement the proposed projects and will ensure the organizational sustainability.
Jun 19

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