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About us

The Gaash welfare Society is a non profit ,non governmental organization dedicated to enlighten and uplift the social status of poor community, which was founded in 1995 by a group of social activists who were interested to improve the socio economic condition of the poverty stricken community, disadvantage and vulnerable segment of the society through adopting multi dimensional approach ,based on social development process by active involvement of local community for the welfare and betterment of the poorest  of the poor population . At the time of rising in the 1995 there was no professional organization in Hattian Dupatta, which can address to the emerging issues of the community and there was so many problems and deprivation around the area, so it was decided by social to take on.For that purpose our team including Kh. Khurshid, Kh.Aslam, Altaf Ghani Mr. Zubair Zargar and many others people decided to make an organization based upon social development of our community.

Gaash welfare society has its own community development centre namely Kh. Muhammad Imran Community Development Center Hattian Dupaatta. Community center is furnished by boy’s high school Hattian Dopputta, 100 meters away from Kaimanja main Road. It has capacity of 70-seats and having facility of electricity, water and washroom.

Gaash has conducted many training in collaboration with different organizations like

  1. Birth registration, Training with coordination of ASSD (UINICEF)
  2. Women skill Training with coordination of HRDN+ UNDP
  3. Skill Training Chef with the coordination Help in Need (UNDP)
  4. Mother child Forum with the coordination of Pakistan Village Development Program
  5. Community Development Training with the Coordination of Asar Resource Centre Lahore
  6. It is used for different community meeting
  7. Women Health session regarding to HIV-AIDS with the coordination of BCC Project
  8. Training of Co’s on Capacity Building
  9. Community center is also used as Community Counseling Hall


Gaash Welfare Society is also working on Human rights. As it is our mission to serve the humanity. It is observed that in the region, minority’s ands small tribes are facing the problems regarding to their rights. So GWS initiated with the social Mobilization as a tool and to strengthen of communities by maximizations of community based organization (C.B.O) to build networking for sustainable change and social Welfare.

For that purpose Gaash Welfare Society took the following steps to serve the humanity with the collaboration of different national and international organizations. In respect of human rights GWS work on following aspects:-

  1.   Open Forums
  2.   Child Rights
  3.   Women Empowerments
  4.   Sexual Abusement
  5.   Child Labors
  6.   Harassment of Minorities
  7.   Settlement of Refugees
  8.   Earthquake effected vulnerable settlement
  1. To highlight the social problems Gaash welfare society arranged open forum under supervision of the daily Ausaf and the News, in which different representatives and delegation from different localities participated and highlight their social issues.
  2. As it is observed that child labor and child sexual Abusement is a major issue of the region, so GWS made child protection committees (CPC.S) in collaboration with Idara .Kidmat .Insani (I.K.I).
  3. To eradicate child labor with the help of SPARK Islamabad, press for peace, GWS held a seminar and work shop, in which school children and education faculty participated.
  4. For women empowerment and violation of their basic rights, GWS raised and awareness campaign with the help of ASAR Resource Center Lahore.
  5. GWS completed a project as a partner of PAVHNA (Pakistan Voluntary Health and Nutrition Association) and work on reproductive health (RH) issues, child labor and sexual Abusement. To facilitate the youth GWS establish youth friendly center (YFCS) which are still working and sustainable. Gaash welfare society organize community organization at grass root level, which are struggling for social change.

Now we are working in 4 union councils and one town. GWS is looking for such kind of organization, which can sport to eradicate these issues. We hop that with the Joint efforts of other organization. We will be able to work for human rights bitterly.

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