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Training(UNDP, NEST)a

Gaash Welfare society arranged five days masons, self builders community representative and constructor training with coordination of UNDP in Hattian Duppatta.

BDN Training Program

Gaash Welfare society arranged two days training of cluster representatives with regard to control TB and Malaria Program and the society also arranged the seminar in which thousand people participated

Shelter program

Gaash Welfare society constructed Shelter in different areas with the coordination of UNDP and Imran Khan relief fund.In Hattian Doputta 162,In Hardiala Zamindarian 54,In Seri Bala 54,In Laya Phulhoter 60,In Town Garhi Doputta 20.

Work with Sangi Development Foundation

Gaash Welfare society distributed following material in UC Hattian Doputta with coordination of Sangi development foundation:-

  1. Tents: 200
  2. Blankets: 600
  3. Water coolers: 200
  4. Sheets: 400
  5. Winterized sheet: 200
  6. Ground Sheet: 200
  7. CGI Sheets: 1000

Work with co-ordination of IHRO/IOM in Union Council Komi Kot

  1. Provision of winterized tents: 370
  2. Provision of winterized tent kits: 340

Work with co-ordination of Oxfam

  1. Water and sanitation in Hattian Duppatta
  2. Provision of water tanks
  3. Provision of Bath Rooms
  4. Provision of awareness and motivation to community

Medical camps

Gaash Welfare Society provided medical services to community and also arranged medical camps in deferent areas for earthquake victims. With co-ordination of Pakistan voluntary health and nutrition association (PAVHNA), two medical camps in Hattian Duppatta.With co-ordination of Cubic Medical team 19 medical in union council Hattian Duppatta. Four medical camps with co-ordination of deferent NGOs.


Gaash welfare society recently worked with Contact International as a Partner Organization in AJ&K, the objectives of the projects were base line surveys regarding to the transport barrier in MNCH Programme.

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