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Child Welfare.

Women Welfare.

Orphans Welfare.

Youth Welfare.

Social Welfare.

Welfare of Patients and taking necessary measures for their appropriate treatment.

Welfare and taking care of old-age citizen.

Training of social services.

Basic Health.

Basic Education.

Basic Rights.

Agriculture and Forestry.

Promotion of Tourism.


The organizational structure of GWS consists of the following:-

General Body

Executive Body/Management Committee.

Sub Committees. 


The general body shall consist of all the members of the Organization as given in article 5.

The General Body shall formulate the policy and the Executive Body shall implement it.

Elect the members for Management Committee/Executive Body.

Verify the activity reports and meeting minutes of GWS.

Give feedback on annual report of GWS.

Give feedback and decide upon “No Confidence Motion” after taking it into account.

Approve amendments in the article of association. But such amendments shall be subject to the

approval of the Registration Authority.

Shall appoint Chartered Accountant(s) for the verification and audit of the accounts of GWS.


Executive Body/Management Committee of GWS shall consist of 7 office elected by the general body annually. Following is the list of office designations for management committee.


Senior Vice President.

Vice President.

General Secretary.

Joint Secretary.

Secretary Finance.

Secretary Publication & Publicity.


Executive Body shall be the representative body of GWS. The general control of the affairs of GWS shall be vested in the Executive Body of GWS which shall be the governing body of all intents and purposes.

Executive body shall approve all the policies, programs, projects and activities of GWS.

Practically implement the policies formulated by general body for the achievement of organizational goals/objectives.

Executive Body/Management Committee shall be responsible for the management of all the internal administrative and financial resources of GWS and shall take all the necessary measures toward this end.

Executive Body/Management Committee could fill the vacant position if any in the last half of the activity period but the general body shall have the right to fill the vacant positions if any in the first phase of the activity period.

Approve all the minutes of previous meetings of Executive Committee and annual reports.

Carry out financial management of GWS and approve the annual budget.



He/she shall be the constitutional head of the organization.

He/she shall be the head of all moral and legal affairs of the GWS.

He/she shall formulate all the policies for the completion of work to be performed by Management


He/she shall be the legal head of all the properties/premises of the organization.

He/she shall be the head of the election committee of the organization.

He/she shall preside over all the meetings of Management Committee and general body.

He/she shall be of good repute, enthusiastic toward social welfare and shall have good managerial


He/she can postpone the meetings in unfavorable situations.

He/she shall sign all the minutes of the meetings.

He/she shall supervise all the financial and administrative affairs of the organization.

He/she can spend a sum of Rs.50, 000/= at a time for the formation/completion of the organization

which will be approved at next meeting.

All the office bearers shall be answerable to the President and his/her decision will be final. President

will be answerable to the general body

 Senior Vice President:

He/ She shall act as president in the absence of president and shall execute all rights and responsibilities of president.

Vice President:

In the absence of President and Senior Vice President, he will act as president.

General Secretary:

He/ She shall be the general secretary of both the bodies i.e., General body & Executive body.

He/ She shall be the custodian of all the official records of the organization as well as of the property of the Organization.

He/ She shall call meetings of both the bodies and issue agenda of the meetings in collaboration with president and after getting a written approval from president.

He/ she shall write the minutes of the meetings and shall get them verified from president in Board of Directors meeting.

Shall prepare the annual report of the Organization, get it approved from Executive body and present in general body’s meeting.

He/ She shall have the authority to spend Rs.10, 000/-only at a time and must have to get it approved from Executive Body in next meeting.

Joint Secretary:

In the absence of General Secretary, he/ she shall act as the general secretary of the organization.

Finance Secretary:

He/she shall be responsible for all the financial affairs of the organization.

He/she shall be responsible for all the income and expenditure of the organization.

He/she shall present the annual report of income and expenditure in the meeting of Executive Body and General Body.

He/she shall be responsible for the audit of accounts by Chartered Accountants, appointed for such purpose and shall submit the audited statements of income and expenditure to the registration authority after the approval/signatures of Executive Director.

He/she shall be the custodian of all the records of memberships, subscriptions and donations; acknowledge the receipts to concerned persons and deposit the cash into the bank account of the organization.

He/she shall be authorized to maintain petty cash fund to the extent of Rs.1000/= for expenditure purposes.

 Secretary Publications & Publicity.

He/she shall be responsible for the preparation and designing of research pattern, criteria, methodology etc and shall put up for approval by the Executive Body/Management Committee.

He/she shall be responsible for the capacity building of researchers etc engaged with GWS for its research works.

Responsible for the preparation of research papers e.g. questionnaire etc.

He/she shall be responsible for conducting extensive researches to explore the social welfare-related issues.

He/she shall be responsible for the publicity and publications of GWS

He/she shall be responsible for all press releases, publication of information and promotional material.

He/she shall be responsible for public relations.

He/she shall be responsible for the media coverage of activities undertaken by GWS.

He/she shall be responsible for the publication of at least one annual journal covering the activities and best practices of GWS.

Selection Procedure for Executive Committee

The office bearers of Management Committee/Executive Body shall be elected in the annual meeting by show of hands or ballet Paper for a period of one year.

All the office bearers except General Secretary shall be elected by general body while the selection of General Secretary will be at the sole discretion of President.

The elections shall be held during the month of June every year without any cause or delay. The elected body shall take its charge from 1st day of July.

Ex-Management Committee/Executive Body shall have no legal concern with the administrative, managerial or financial matters of the organization.

The results of the election shall depend upon the majority of the votes.

If two or more candidates take part in the election against the same position and fail to gain 50% votes, the elections will be conducted again.

For the execution of elections, Executive Director of the said organization shall form a five-member committee from the general members of the said organization which will look after the administrative affairs of the organization on Ad-hock basis. After the completion of general membership process; it shall handover the charge to newly elected management committee. All this process will not exceed a maximum period of 25 days.

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