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Objective of Youth development program of GAASH Youth Network ‘GYN’

To enhance leadership capacity,

  • Build confidence,
  • Introduce the youth to the social challenges,
  • Inculcate responsibility
  • Ensure intercultural & interfaith harmony
  • And provide an opportunity to network with the youth around the country.

GAASH welfare Society Hattian Duppata Muzaffarabad AJK will bring together outstanding and focused young people from around the Muzaffarabad AJK and GAASH welfare Society Hattian Duppata Muzaffarabad AJK working to build critical leadership skills in an inclusive, local and National context. Moreover, the youth empowerment will help in creating cultural harmony, shall pool the young talent around the AJK, and evolve them in social change and to strategies to address issues of discrimination, unemployment, identity and extremism.  .

our Main Objective

serve as an intellectual platform, bringing together the youth from different areas of AJK, creating an inductive space for dialogue and promote constructive actions to ensure beneficial future of youth. Additionally,

Moreover, Some of the main objectives include:
• Take personal responsibility for exercising leadership
• Develop an awareness of social needs and issues
• Improve interpersonal and group communication skills
• Create self-esteem and groom their personalities
• Exercise their leadership abilities in the communities where they live
• Cultivate an understanding and appreciation of multi-culturalism
• Install a passion for community service

The mission youth Development
• our focused  for economic, political and social empowerment of the youth and make them aware of their rights, entitlements and responsibilities and we wish that we shell address the problems of youth and work for their capacity-building,




It will be an opportunity to the young people local and then nationally to show their skills, share best practices, enhance cooperation and advance intercultural and interfaith harmony. Furthermore, young people can mobilize communities, stand for their rights, work jointly on common interests and form partnerships to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

We have close Coordination with;

  • Burgad Organization
  • Chanun Pakistan


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